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Frosted PP Plastic Packaging Box–Front01 / Premium PET Plastic Packaging - Durable & Sustainable Options

Frosted PP Plastic Packaging Box - Frosted PP Plastic Packaging Box–Front01
  • Frosted PP Plastic Packaging Box - Frosted PP Plastic Packaging Box–Front01
  • Frosted PP Plastic Packaging Box–Front02
  • Frosted PP Plastic Packaging Box–Back
  • Frosted PP Plastic Packaging Box–Feature

Frosted PP Plastic Packaging Box

Plastic Folding Box

PP plastic is of a durable substrate, can further embellish with a frosted effect on the surface, providing a semi-opaque look and further design options to add perceived value to the product inside.Moreover, an extra feature includes the hanger tab offers easy shelving in stores for either attaching to clip strips or placing on hooks. With Santapress, we provide expertise in choosing the suitable plastic material, color scheme, and box style to meet your retail packaging and display requirements.

Elegant Matte Design

The characteristic matte texture not only endows the packaging box with an elegant ambiance but also provides excellent protection, presenting the product in a more attractive and mysterious way, effectively capturing the attention of consumers. This unique packaging design is undoubtedly a powerful ally in enhancing brand image and product sales.

Design for hanging functionality

The flexibility of the hanging function also brings more convenience to our customers. We can customize hanging holes, allowing you to freely choose suitable display positions and further improve the display effectiveness.PP plastic packaging is prevalent in many retail markets, including apparel, bakery, stationery, food, and beverage.

  • Fosted effect provides elegant look
  • Full-color design enhance attraction
  • Add perceived value to the box
  • Fully custom-made to size, style, and printing color
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Custom-made or existing template
  • Material: Frosted PP
  • Material: 0.35 ~ 0.85mm
  • MOQ: 2,000pcs
  • Lead Time: 3 weeks
  • Size: W135 x D110 x H65mm
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Frosted PP Plastic Packaging Box | Eco-friendly foil paper boxes in bulk | Santa Press Co., Ltd.

Located in Taiwan since 1971, Santa Press Co., Ltd. has been a comprehensive plastic and paper packaging solutions provider. Our main packaging boxes, including Frosted PP Plastic Packaging Box, paper packaging boxes, PET plastic packaging boxes, RPET plastic packaging boxes, PP plastic packaging boxes, foil paper boxes, corrugated paper boxes, kraft paper boxes, which are made with state-of-the-art printing and post-process facilities from Germany, Japan, and Taiwan.

Santa Press is a leading Taiwan manufacturer and has specialized in producing custom plastic packaging, paper boxes, and PP file folders since 1971. With state-of-art printing and post-production machines from Germany, Japan, and Taiwan, we can have all production processes to be finishing in-house thoroughly. Our capabilities encompass packaging boxes with a broad range of material applications, including PET, RPET, PP, PVC, metallic foil paper, paperboard, corrugated paper, Kraft paper

Santapress has been offering customers creative and unique packaging boxes, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, Santapress ensures each customer's demands are met.