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Spot UV Coating

Spot UV Coating

Spot UV coating involves adding gloss to specific areas, emphasizing a glossy texture. This technique allows for a targeted application, capturing the eye and creating a vibrant, engaging visual effect that elevates the overall appeal of the design.

Applicable to Various Applications

Spot UV coating, primarily applied in book covers, printed packaging, business cards, and various applications, is typically used as post-processing on matte film surfaces. This technique guarantees a smooth and refined tactile experience, introducing an elegant texture to the work. Considered the finishing touch to a finely crafted piece, spot gloss emphasizes key elements, enhances brightness, and improves durability and water resistance. It serves as an additional highlight, elevating the overall visual impact of the design.

Adding Product Highlights

Spot UV coating applying a layer of glossy varnish to specific areas, creating a visually enhanced effect by brightening those portions. Tactilely, it highlights the smooth surface. When combined with matte finish, it deepens the contrast, making themes or text with spot gloss stand out even more prominently. This not only attracts consumer attention but also reinforces the impression of key product features.

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