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Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard Boxes

The paperboard box, also knowns as a folding carton, is always the popular alternative for product packaging due to various paper options and customizable features. As the first physical interaction between your customer and your product, Santapress can help elevate this simple cardboard with multiple custom features. The process begins with selecting paper cardstock, printing with full-color CMYK or PMS, coating with matt or glossy lamination, UV spot varnishing, hot-stamping, embossing, and debossing or even adding a preview window to unveil the product inside. These mixes and matches are crucial to reflect your brand identity and stand out from the competition on the shelves.

Selection of paper materials

Santapress offers a diverse selection of paper materials to suit your packaging needs. Our range includes white paperboard, duplex board grey back, and forest-friendly paper, each with its unique features. White paperboard boasts versatility and vibrant printability, making it perfect for eye-catching designs. Duplex board grey back provides strength and stability, ensuring your packaging withstands handling. Whatever your preference, Santapress has the right paper material to enhance your packaging and make your products shine.

White Card and Black Card Material

White card and black card materials are widely used for packaging. White card material is suitable for rich and vibrant color designs, enhancing the visual appeal of product packaging. On the other hand, black card material exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication, often seen in high-end products, emphasizing professionalism and adding a touch of mystery.


An economically practical packaging material choice, greyboard boasts higher thickness and strength, offering superior protection and support. It also imparts better rigidity and stability to the packaging.

Copperplate Paper

Copperplate paper allows printing on both sides of the cardboard, offering the advantage of double-sided printing and achieving visual effects in both directions. This enables different designs or information to be presented simultaneously, adding more creativity and allure to packaging.

Paperboard Boxes

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Apparel Packaging Box - Apparel Packaging Box Front view
Apparel Packaging Box
Window Packaging Box

Our apparel packaging boxes have a design with a top and bottom lid that offers excellent convenience...

Beverage Packaging Box - Beverage Packaging Box Front side feature
Beverage Packaging Box
Drink Packaging Paper Box

At Santapress, we specialize in creating custom box structures highlighting unique product...

Lotion Packaging Box - Lotion Packaging Box Front view
Lotion Packaging Box
Skincare Product Packaging Box

The paper box for body lotion is constructed using white cardboard material, known for its sturdiness,...

Product Display Box - Paper Packaging Boxes Front side feature
Product Display Box
Paperboard Retail Display Box

Upgrade your display strategy and elevate your brand with the Santapress POP Counter Display...

Polygonal Packaging Box - Polygonal Packaging Box Front view
Polygonal Packaging Box
Unique Shaped Box

Get ready to have seasonal packaging boxes as promotional accessories for boosting product...

Baby Bottles Paperboard Box - Baby Bottles Paperboard Box - Overlook view
Baby Bottles Paperboard Box
Baby Bottles Paperboard Box

Take your baby product packaging to the next level with our baby bottle box! Our white cardboard...

Baby Pacifier Packaging Box - Baby Pacifier Packaging Box Front side feature
Baby Pacifier Packaging Box
Paper Packaging Box

We offer fully customizable packaging solutions for baby pacifiers. Our range of box shapes,...

Dietary Supplement Packaging Box - Dietary Supplement Packaging Box Front side feature
Dietary Supplement Packaging Box
Health Supplement Packaging Box

We collaborate closely with clients to create visually appealing and informative dietary supplement...

Customized Paper Boxes for Data Cable - Data Cable Packaging Box Front view
Customized Paper Boxes for Data Cable
Paper Packaging Box

Look no further than our Customized Paper Box for charging and data transfer cables. At Santapress,...

Window Paper Packaging Box - Window Paper Packaging Box Front side feature
Window Paper Packaging Box
Paper Packaging Box

Looking for a great way to showcase your product? Consider a Straight Tuck-end box with a front-facing...

Straight Tuck-end Packaging Box - Straight Tuck-end Packaging Box Front side feature
Straight Tuck-end Packaging Box
Beauty Product Packaging Box

This packaging box features dual flaps, providing a secure closure and easy access to the contents...

Paperboard Hands-Free Rope Packaging Box - Carry Box with Handle Front view
Paperboard Hands-Free Rope Packaging Box
Hand-carry Ribbon Gift Box

Introducing the Carry Box with Handle from Santapress is the perfect solution for sturdy and elegant...

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Paperboard Boxes - Paperboard Boxes | Sustainable kraft paper box suppliers for businesses | Santa Press Co., Ltd.

Located in Taiwan since 1971, Santa Press Co., Ltd. has been a comprehensive plastic and paper packaging solutions provider. Our main packaging boxes, including Paperboard Boxes, paper packaging boxes, PET plastic packaging boxes, RPET plastic packaging boxes, PP plastic packaging boxes, foil paper boxes, corrugated paper boxes, kraft paper boxes, which are made with state-of-the-art printing and post-process facilities from Germany, Japan, and Taiwan.

Santa Press is a leading Taiwan manufacturer and has specialized in producing custom plastic packaging, paper boxes, and PP file folders since 1971. With state-of-art printing and post-production machines from Germany, Japan, and Taiwan, we can have all production processes to be finishing in-house thoroughly. Our capabilities encompass packaging boxes with a broad range of material applications, including PET, RPET, PP, PVC, metallic foil paper, paperboard, corrugated paper, Kraft paper

Santapress has been offering customers creative and unique packaging boxes, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, Santapress ensures each customer's demands are met.