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Packaging Box Expert for Clear Plastic, Metallica Foil, and Paperboard | innovative and bespoke packaging designs

Packaging Box Expert for Clear Plastic, Metallica Foil, and Paperboard

Company Profile

We Santapress

SANTAPRESS is an experienced printing and packaging manufacturer in Taiwan, that focuses in producing custom packaging boxes for different fields of businesses. Our specialties include clear plastic boxes, Kraft paper boxes, cardboard paper boxes, corrugated paper boxes, aluminum foil paper boxes, and PP file folders as well.

All our packaging boxes can be custom-made to your choice of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, to ensure your design is eye-catching enough to arouse customers’ attention.


Santa Press has been in the printing industry for over 50 years, with extensive knowledge about packaging solutions for various industries and clients. We're a team of passionate people committed to serving our clients with reliability, flexibility, experience, and state-of-the-art printing and production facility. Our focus is on customer service to meet and exceed your expectations.

Creating the Optimal Friendly Environment

Santa Press is committed to establishing the best friendly environment. Working within a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing workspace greatly elevates work efficiency. Cultivated an ideal space for our team, infused with joy and harmony. This not only benefits our team members but also contributes to delivering superior products and services to our clients. A favorable work environment empowers each individual to fully unleash their optimal potential. Santapress, partnering with you, to jointly create excellence.

Showcasing a Professional Space

The spacious conference room at Santa Press ingeniously blends a professional environment with packaging display. Providing a comfortable meeting venue, it also presents an excellent opportunity to showcase various packaging box styles. Simultaneously, we can practically exhibit diverse packaging box designs, enhancing our understanding of customer needs and offering more precise printing solutions. At Santapress, we merge professionalism and creativity to provide customers with a more impeccable printing experience.

Santa Press Corporate Culture

At Santapress, an atmosphere of joy and harmony defines us, fostering a strong team spirit. We are passionate about delivering top-notch printing solutions to clients, transforming creativity into exquisite end products. Whether it's in design, printing, or customer service, we uphold standards of professionalism and efficiency. Hosting periodic gatherings further underscores our commitment to team collaboration, expressing gratitude and valuing teamwork. This promotes mutual cooperation and enhances overall work morale. Santapress is not just a hub of printing expertise, but also a place where unity and joy converge.


Welcome to Santapress

Clear Plastic Packaging Boxes

Clear Plastic Packaging Boxes

You can find the suitable see-through transparent plastic packaging boxes from our PET, RPET, PP, or PVC alternatives.

Metallic Foil Paper Boxes

Metallic Foil Paper Boxes

Embellish packaging with gold, silver, copper, or holographic metallic foil to create a luxurious feel for your product.

Paperboard Folding Boxes

Paperboard Folding Boxes

Effortlessly provide you with the most economical and optimized custom printed boxes with our versatile paper options.

Plastic PP File Folders

Plastic PP File Folders

Effectively organize your details or promote your brands with the help of durable, waterproof, recyclable PP folders.