Santa Press Co., Ltd.

Santa Press is a leading Taiwan manufacturer and has specialized in producing custom plastic packaging, paper boxes, and PP file folders since 1971.

Santapress's Capabilities


Want to make your packaging boxes stand out?

Let your packaging boxes do the talking! Choose a packaging box with the right designs for a professional, eye-catching look.

Packaging uniqueness

At Santapress, we offer various finishing options to enhance your packaging uniqueness - UV spot coating, Glossy or Matter varnishing, and Soft-touch Coating. We also offer embossing and debossing- perfect for adding a personal touch.

Want something a little fancy?

With all these stylish options, you'll surely find your product that will stand out from the rest on the shelves.

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Box Sleeve

The box sleeve, a distinctive design element, encircles the packaging box, infusing it with unique style and charm. Serving to enhance the brand image,...

Embossing Debossing

Embossing or debossing is a technique that enhances packaging features, highlighting it as a focal point on the shelf. By leveraging professional technical...

Gold Glittering Varnish

The gold glittering varnish effect can bring a dazzling, metallic luster to products, creating a visual impact. When light shines on its surface, it reflects...

Hot Foil Stamping

Santapress employs an advanced hot stamping technique, applying heat and pressure to bond metallic foil onto printing substrates like paperboard or plastic....

Hanging Box

Allows for easy hanging on walls or any desired location. Whether it's on display shelves in stores or showcased in window displays, it effectively presents...


This addition enhances functionality and contributes to the overall convenience of the box. Integrating handles into packaging is a convenient and practical...


Matte finish brings a rich tactile feel and texture, elevating the product's sense of quality and visual allure, while also adding slip resistance and durability. We...

Pearlescent Ink

Pearlescent Ink / Pearl Ink / Sparkling Ink is printed on paper with a soft lustrous effect, showcasing the pearlescent shimmer of jewelry like pearl necklaces...


Elevate your packaging with the inclusion of ribbons or decorative bands—a captivating accessory that adds distinctive charm and a final touch of eye-catching...

Spot UV Coating

Spot UV enhances the shiny texture by adding gloss to specific areas, drawing attention and creating a visually striking effect. This technique, applied...

Soft Touch Finishing

Experience the luxurious touch of soft touch coating, adding a layer of softness and visual appeal to your packaging boxes. The soft touch laminating provides...

Tote Bag

People often carry a tote bag while shopping. Tote bags offer great flexibility and variety in design and materials. They are widely used for various purposes,...

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Bulk purchase of RPET plastic packaging boxes Manufacturer | Santa Press Co., Ltd.

Located in Taiwan since 1971, Santa Press Co., Ltd. has been a comprehensive plastic and paper packaging solutions provider. Our main packaging boxes, including paper packaging boxes, PET plastic packaging boxes, RPET plastic packaging boxes, PP plastic packaging boxes, foil paper boxes, corrugated paper boxes, kraft paper boxes, which are made with state-of-the-art printing and post-process facilities from Germany, Japan, and Taiwan.

Santa Press is a leading Taiwan manufacturer and has specialized in producing custom plastic packaging, paper boxes, and PP file folders since 1971. With state-of-art printing and post-production machines from Germany, Japan, and Taiwan, we can have all production processes to be finishing in-house thoroughly. Our capabilities encompass packaging boxes with a broad range of material applications, including PET, RPET, PP, PVC, metallic foil paper, paperboard, corrugated paper, Kraft paper

Santapress has been offering customers creative and unique packaging boxes, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, Santapress ensures each customer's demands are met.