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Window Paper Packaging Box Front side feature / Premium PET Plastic Packaging - Durable & Sustainable Options

Window Paper Packaging Box - Window Paper Packaging Box Front side feature
  • Window Paper Packaging Box - Window Paper Packaging Box Front side feature
  • Window Paper Packaging Box Front side feature
  • Window Paper Packaging Box Window
  • Window Paper Packaging Box Dual-sided Lids

Window Paper Packaging Box

Paper Packaging Box

Looking for a great way to showcase your product? Consider a Straight Tuck-end box with a front-facing window! At Santapress, we specialize in custom window boxes to meet your unique display needs. With our boxes, you can choose the size and shape of the window to showcase your product perfectly. Plus, you can add a plastic film to protect your product and maintain cleanliness or just allow consumers to interact directly with your product, which can increase their understanding and willingness to purchase.

Double-Sided Printing with Copperplate Paper Material

The key characteristic of being able to double-side coat allows the paper to possess a smooth and glossy texture. This unique coating technique bestows exceptional quality upon the paper, enabling dual-sided printing for both interior and exterior surfaces. It simultaneously showcases a vivid and vibrant array of colors, enhancing the paper with a distinctive glossy texture that adds an air of elegance and refinement to the product, making the entire packaging more captivating.

Window Design Showcasing Product Features

Through the window design of the packaging box, the product's interior can be directly displayed, offering a variety of window sizes and shapes to cater to different product needs.

  • Front-facing window to showcase your product effectively.
  • Customizable window size and shape to suit your product presentation.
  • Enhances consumer understanding of the product and stimulates purchase intent.
  • High-quality printing and packaging solutions.
  • Tailored production according to your specifications.
  • For more styles and information, please contact us immediately.
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Option of standard size or custom size
  • Material: C1S Cardboard
  • Thickness: 0.4 to 0.6mm
  • MOQ: 2,000pcs
  • Lead Time: 2 to 3 weeks
  • Size: W 340 x D 50 x H 50mm
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Window Paper Packaging Box | Eco-friendly foil paper boxes in bulk | Santa Press Co., Ltd.

Located in Taiwan since 1971, Santa Press Co., Ltd. has been a comprehensive plastic and paper packaging solutions provider. Our main packaging boxes, including Window Paper Packaging Box, paper packaging boxes, PET plastic packaging boxes, RPET plastic packaging boxes, PP plastic packaging boxes, foil paper boxes, corrugated paper boxes, kraft paper boxes, which are made with state-of-the-art printing and post-process facilities from Germany, Japan, and Taiwan.

Santa Press is a leading Taiwan manufacturer and has specialized in producing custom plastic packaging, paper boxes, and PP file folders since 1971. With state-of-art printing and post-production machines from Germany, Japan, and Taiwan, we can have all production processes to be finishing in-house thoroughly. Our capabilities encompass packaging boxes with a broad range of material applications, including PET, RPET, PP, PVC, metallic foil paper, paperboard, corrugated paper, Kraft paper

Santapress has been offering customers creative and unique packaging boxes, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, Santapress ensures each customer's demands are met.